08 January 2009

Vol. 0, Issue 9 | The Sickness

[originally written 23 July 2004, 6:30pm]

Several times before, I have mentioned The Sickness, but I never expound on it. Which, by the way, happens to be a symptom of The Sickness.

Inherently, we Humans are Hypocrites. We cannot help it. It is part of our Nature. Some of us... no, Many of us do realize this. Admit to this. Say and do things that prove our Hypocrisy. And by recognizing our own Hypocrisy, we then gain power over it, right? We then change our behaviours, to diminish our Hypocrisy, right?


This then is The Sickness. The acceptance of our individual hypocrisy, and belief that we are then changing our behaviour merely through recognition thereof. The notion of "Well, if I admit I'm a hypocrite, then everything is okay. I can't be THAT bad if I admit I'm a hypocrite."

That leads to still eating at McDonald's in the afternoon, only to bad mouth the McDonald's Corporation in the evening with friends, condemning the corporation's hand in the destruction of our health and our environment. Yet you just SUPPORTED that corporation in the same day, with your Big Mac meal.

Or doing what I (and many others) do. Ranting in our LJ’s as an alternative to action. Like bitching about people who insist on talking on their mobile phones while driving. Instead of lobbing Molotov Cocktails in their general direction.

I know this because I still do this. I suffer heavily from The Sickness. And it is a long-lingering virus, this Sickness. Aside from Death or Isolation, there is no cure, no vaccine. But there is treatment. It's long. It's painful. It's particularly unpleasant. And it's something that, despite our insistence to the contrary, we loathe: CHANGE.

The one and only constant in the Universe.

The loathing of Change aside, the reason that this treatment is so long and arduous task is that each time we encounter our own Hypocrisy, we must work past The Sickness to actually Change our behaviour. It's not easy, as we have become accustomed to. Our society treats the symptoms of The Sickness. That's how it makes Money. It doesn't WANT a cure. There's no profit.

This is all speculation on my part, of course. Especially since I've no idea if said treatment would work. I'm still struggling with it. What's worse? I don't know whether or not The Sickness has planted this nonsense into my head, so that I may come across as a crackpot. Thus covering its tracks. Again.

The Sickness is insidious. And cunning. And most of all, (and in this you must believe me)...


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