08 January 2009

Vol. 0, Issue 5 | S.I.N.ferno

[originally written on 31 May 2004, 4:52am]

I've a dozen or so runic scrawls that passes for my handwriting to decipher into coherent sentences, and it's just before dawn. By rights, I ought to be sleeping. Meh... I think... it's overrated.


I've mentioned the Sex/Service Industry Night cabaret at Dante's Lounge in previous entries, so I'll skip ahead to the neat stuff. With Monday being a holiday, James, Evil and I decided we could stay out late on Sunday, indulging in lots of flesh and fire. As a special surprise, we discovered that Playboy TV's show "SEXcetera" was filming tonight's display of debauchery.

This evening's cabaret was headlined by the internationally known Porcelain Twinz (www.porcelaintwinz.com), Zero and Zen. I've not seen them perform in quite a while. Their shows have improved significantly since that last time. Say what you will about the Twinz, but they do know how to put on a show.

The first of their six (yes, six) numbers was traditional cabaret: attired in matching red bras and tap-pants, hair pulled back in severe buns, armed with riding crops. There was a synchronized chair dance, to the tune "All That Jazz." I looked about the room to double-check my surroundings, since I was convinced I'd be transported back to wartime Nazi Berlin. Joel Gray would have been giddy. The next number had the two doing gender role-playing. Zero dressed as the man, Zen the woman. During the dance, Zen removes Zero's trenchcoat, exposing a bright red strap-on, complete with a glowing head. The third set, in retrospect, reminded me of "Barbarella": the two writhing around atop a furry, white rug set. As they dance, they smoked from long filters and blew smoke all other one another.

For the fourth set, the Twinz arrived on stage dressed as geishas, later disrobing to reveal military uniforms and (more) strap-on dildos. After goosestepping (I mentioned the wartime Berlin atmosphere, right?) and strutting, the two literally climaxed with the aid of the Silly String© canisters in the dildos. The fifth number was "Matrix" themed, but generally uninspired act. Lots of vinyl and guns, but repetitive. The last Twinz set was a Dom/Sub S&M routine. This one covered so many fetishes: bondage, blindfolds, spanking, restraints, gags, and hot candle wax. Oof da. By the end of the show, Zero and Zen had managed to incorporate most known kinks. It was lovely.

The rest of the performers were the usual group of firedancers, and a couple musical numbers of merit. A young woman named Hilary was the first singer, astounding the crowd with unexpected opera tunes, a capella. Incredible range. The second was the local lounge group Storm Large and the Balls. Storm is a Dante's staple, performing every Wednesday. I was familiar with Storm, but this was the first time I'd heard her. I now know what the local fuss is about. As a singer, she is brilliant. As a performer, she's something else. Dressed as a demented prom queen, covered in blood, Storm lovingly wielded a machette during a cover of "Hopelessly Devoted." There's just something special about a beautiful woman with a bloody machette...

Also on hand were the SINferno go-go dancers. Tonight, said dancers were Alaya Love (think Mila Kunis, only naughty) and Brandee (working the whole punk rock schoolgrrl look) from SuicideGirls (www.suicidegirls.com). They provided ample intermission entertainment. As opposed to their male counterparts, Chad and Cam, the Hulahoop Boys. Two overly-skinny manboys, gyrating with hulahoops. Of their performance... well... Rip Taylor would have looked at them and said "Now THAT'S Gay."

Thus proving that you will find geeks in the oddest places, Alex Harris, SINferno's MC, treated the crowd to not one, but two scifi jokes. The first being a quote from "Star Wars", and the second was a reference to the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. I don't know if I was more disturbed that he made the jokes, or that I appeared to be the only one to get them. Probably the latter.

Evil summed up the evening performances with the following: "Boots are HOT. Corsets? HOT." Thank you Evil. Nothing that James said is fit to print. Even here.

Well, it's just past six in the morn. I'm going to go pretend to sleep for an hour or two. Hope you all have a pleasant Memorial Day.


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