11 January 2009

Vol. 0, Issue 12 | re:Volution

[originally written 03 Sept 2004, 11:13am]

As much as I bitch about the state of the nation, and the world at large, there are reasons why I'm not openly inciting armed revolution. And it's not because of any legal or moral or whathaveyou reasons. The reason is, I'm only Chaos. I'm not Order. As I have been told by someone who's counsel I trust, it is irresponsible to initiate and follow-through with a revolution if you don't have anything to replace the old and corrupt system that you're overthrowing. If you do, then you run the risk of killing or causing the suffering of those whom would truly benefit from such a revolution. I only have the drive and initiative and know-how for the first part. The Chaos. I am not the Order.

That's why I need you. All of you. Somewhere, amongst your collective consciousness, are the answers that I seek. The ideas, notions, theories and know-how to recreate our society into something we can again be proud to be a part of. It won't be perfect, but less corrupt would be a huge improvement.

Get your plans together, and your forces in place. You can remake the future. You can create the world that you want. When your ready, I'll destroy the one we have to make room. Promise. Just give me the word.

Another round of Molotov Cocktails, on me.

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